Tips for staying safe:

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Plan your journey in advance.

  1. Take the stress out of your journey by planning your route before travelling and give yourself a few extra minutes so you're not rushing to get to your stop. Visit the Journey Planner here.

  2. Track your bus. Did you know all of the major operators have apps that can track your bus so you know exactly when it's going to turn up. So no more waiting around needlessly at your stop.

  3. First Bus App - First Bus App, buy tickets and plan journeys Transdev

  4. Transdev Go App - Travel unravelled! Download the Transdev Go app - Transdev (

  5. Arriva App - Arriva UK Bus App - Buy Tickets, Find Timetables & Track Buses | Arriva Bus

  6. Moovit App - Moovit App - The Most Popular Urban Mobility App in Yorkshire

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Know the time of your last bus of the night.

  1. Don't get caught out at the end of the night. Make sure you're at the stop a few minutes early and if the bus doesn't turn up within 20 minutes of the scheduled time, call a taxi and claim it back with a valid receipt. Follow the links below to make a claim.

  2. First Bus - Make a claim

  3. Arriva - Make a claim

  4. Transdev - Make a claim

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Keep your valuables secure.

  1. Don't have your phone or other valuable items hanging out of your pocket or bag.

  2. Trust your instincts. If you don't feel comfortable at any point on your journey, move to a different seat or tell the bus driver, bus station staff or security teams.

  3. Many buses have CCTV and Security Officers regularly patrol main bus stations. If something happens to make you feel unsafe, please try to tell the driver or station staff.

Reporting crime:

If you ever feel unsafe while on the bus, tell the driver in the first instance or if a crime has been committed, please report it to the police immediately by calling 101 or visit the West Yorkshire Police website.

Call 999 if it's an emergency or you are in immediate danger.

For general complaints, questions or queries, please contact MetroLine on 0113 245 7676 or email us.

How you can help us.

You can help too by always keeping your luggage and personal belongings with you and being considerate of other passengers when making your journey.

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